Taking time for me

Being mum is the most rewarding, challenging, exciting and enjoyable ‘hobby’ there is. And I for one absolutely love spending time with my children and hate, hate, hate being away from them. But what with work and three children, I tend to make very little time for me.

A few months ago my husband found out that my local college was running a furniture upholstery course in the evenings.  At this point, my youngest was just a few weeks old and I was adamant that there was no way I was going to be apart from her (or the others for that matter) even for 2 hours a week.  But hubby held his ground and practically chucked me out the house for me to ‘at least go along and have a look’.

From the minute I walked through the door and saw people working on beautiful pieces of furniture, I was hooked, and whilst I only stayed for half an hour, as I rushed back to the car to get home, I couldn’t deny the bubble of excitement I felt at getting started myself.

Several months down the line and I am absolutely loving learning something new and have discovered a new hobby which I completely adore.  On Saturday, as my littlies had a nap or did homework, I worried and thought about nothing more than where to hammer the calico – switching off completely from thoughts of work, errands, washing, tea, and all the other things us working parents have to think about.

And it’s not just me loving the course.  Monday nights are now Bear Gryll nights, when Daddy and team get some special time and pizza for tea is not only enjoyed but also now a Monday night expectation!  Perhaps most importantly, I, for the first time have learnt that having time for you is really important.   Being with my children has always been my hobby of choice, but in actual fact, having something that is totally just about me is totally refreshing and positive for all the family.

Now someone pass me a hammer and some tacks – I’m on a mission!

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