Confessions of a working mum!

We all have our secrets to survival…here are mine!

  1. I never, ever empty the cutlery holder of the dishwasher. Way too time consuming to empty and put away. I just leave it there and it gets washed again…and again (until Hubby unloads the dishwasher!)
  2. My kitchen is not always THAT clean! Yes, I take pictures of things in my kitchen because generally it is the room that we do things in – we live in it. But I only take photos of the clean bits! As hard as I try, it is quite often more of a disaster zone than the immaculate home I try to present.
  3. CBeebies is my friend. (Adverts are not!)
  4. I never completely stop. I actually find it hard to relax and do nothing. I actually find it stressful to just sit down.
  5. I am very regularly a brilliant mum (if I do say so myself!) Fully engaged, making memories and fun and laughter. But I also have days when I’m a bit rubbish. And other days when I am really rubbish.  Don’t we all?
  6. I worry all the time that I focus more on one child than another. Being so busy I loose track of what time I have spent with whom and I am therefore very dependent on our routines. If Daddy takes one to their activity one week instead of me, it throws me completely off kilter because then I feel like I am missing time with one of them and being a bad mum. On the same note, I try and find ten minutes 1:1 time with each of them every day. I often fail!
  7. I multitask parenting and running a business way more that I wished I did. Outings are good because I can only access the phone and not my laptop meaning the temptation to deal with that non-urgent email disappears.
  8. Rather than putting all the washing away on a Sunday, I often leave out complete outfits for all the children for Monday and Tuesday (and sometimes even Wednesday) on the spare bed so that I don’t have to hang it all up only to get it out again two days later.
  9. I have a Coke-a-Cola addiction. I cannot function without it. I buy it in cans to limit my intake but it does run through my veins!                                                                         So there you go, my confessions – please don’t judge! Honestly, you too will save so much time if you stop unloading the cutlery!

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