Parenting a strong willed child

Parenting a strong willed child

My oldest girl is everything you could possible want in a daughter and more… particularly from the age of 17 upwards! Strong willed, determined, knows her own mind and won’t be talked into anything. As I say, everything you could possibly want…but wish me luck for the next 11 years!

My beautiful Belle is bright and so strong willed. She challenges my patience and my will every week without fail, flipping from being the sweetest, most loving and helpful little angel to the most manipulative little madam at the drop of a hat. I regularly find myself taking a deep breath and trying it count to 10 before getting to three and having a ‘Mummy melt down’!

She’s bright. She’s confident and capable and she seems to excel at most things she applies herself to. She was Daddy’s little princess from the moment she was conceived and she knows that she has him wrapped around her little finger…wow, does she know that!

But as challenging as she can often be, there is no way I want her to change. I love her fight. Her determination is what will make her who she is, a girl who will turn into a woman who can do anything or be anything she wants to be (albeit in actual fact she seems determined on being a vet…for now at least!)

It’s a tough balance. At parents evening I was told that she had a habit of getting up to go for a wonder around the classroom when she did not feel challenged by the work she had been given.  My response…give her something that will challenge her then!

Knowing when to toe the line and when to let her be is something I regularly get wrong. Letting her find out for herself that she can climb the tree to the top, even though I’ve told her she’s not old enough to climb that high is both frustrating and exhilarating. I balance the irritation that she’s not listening to me, alongside the fear that she will fall, alongside the admiration that she has the courage to succeed.

But right or wrong, I do know that the most crucial thing is that she keeps her spirit. Even if that means I have a thousand more tantrums to deal with, and hundred more throw away comments and even the odd toy thrown across the room on occasion. Because my girl is everything I could want her to be…just exactly as she is. Fighting spirit and all.

Sally x

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